I think you bring up so many good points in these two articles. The part about how White people don’t know history in a way that doesn’t favor White Supremacy, I think is a huge factor in the incapacity for white people to understand the harm that has been done and continues to be done to Black and Brown people. In white spaces it is easy for bias, privledge and white supremacy to go unnoticed as it forms the foundation of our culture, when that’s coupled with ignorance of how our actions and intentions are biased, privledged and viewed as superior. In this way I think it is essential that the curriculum within schools is changed to reflect history from a wide range of view points, that we stop glorifying whiteness and instead expose white kids (I am assuming most POC already know this history), to the voices of those on the receiving end of colonization in a way that is well rounded and accurate. Our education system is racist and for it to change would significantly affect the beliefs and values of future generations…but back to your point for it to change white people can’t be the leaders.

Using words to explore the idea what it means to truly be present.

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